Haukur Óskarsson

Haukur Óskarsson is CEO and owner of the consulting company Refskegg ltd.

Refskegg main services are facilitating projects, project management, and business development. Haukur Óskarsson is also a member of Arctic Infrastructure witch serves as a service company to people interested in investment projects in the northern latitudes. Parallel to his work, Haukur Óskarsson is a member of the board of several organizations, including Eykon Energy, an Icelandic/Norwegian E&P company that has secured a license for hydrocarbon exploration and production within the Dreki area north of the Arctic Circle. His other commissioning assignments include being on the board of directors of Icelandic Arctic Chamber of Commerce, The Icelandic Greenlandic Chamber of Commerce and Vice Chairman of the board of Sikuki Nuuk Harbor A/S, a company for the new container and bulk harbor in Nuuk, Greenland.

In his former position at Mannvit ltd. in Iceland, the largest engineering and project management consultant in Iceland. Mr. Óskarsson main focus was on Industry, Arctic, Oil & Gas and Fisheries projects located both in Iceland and overseas. As an Executive Manager of Industry and Oil&Gas, Mr. Óskarsson leads a team of skilled project managers and specialists providing professional services of the highest quality to capital intensive projects.


Previously, Haukur served as the operations manager at an international oil storage company, former Lomacon now Scandinavian Tank Storage, where he was responsible for operations and project portfolio within the domain of oil depots and tankers, as well as being one of the company’s founders and board members.


Another position previously held by Mr. Óskarsson is a technical director at
Skeljungur (Shell Iceland), the leading petroleum retail company in Iceland, where he was in charge of all technical investment and maintenance projects. During his initial years at Skeljungur, Haukur also served as the project manager of several complex and innovative projects, including the development and implementation of the world’s first hydrogen refueling station.


Prior to his work at Skeljungur, Mr. Óskarsson was a senior partner at Ráðgarður Ship Consulting PLC where he also served as a project manager, responsible for engineering, procurement and construction supervision on numerous shipbuilding projects for tankers, fishing vessels, and coast guard vessels. These projects were located internationally, but mostly in Poland and China.


Haukur Óskarsson holds a degree in mechanical engineering with emphasis on thermodynamics, power, and automation from the Technical University of Odense in Denmark. Although his roots are firmly placed in the technical foundations of industry, the core of his professional experiences and expertise lies in project and portfolio management of industrial-, infrastructure- along with downstream petroleum projects.